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Track-A-Matter™ is part of the easyconvey .com electronic conveyancing solution.   Designed to facilitate better communication with your clients and other parties involved in the matter.  You can keep everybody up to date with matter progress, send secure messages and share documents.

With property fraud on the rise both the SRA and CLC have expressed concerns about e-mail security.  You can reduce risk when communicating sensitive information such as informing your client where to send the deposit money by uploading documents via Track-A-Matter™.

Track-A-Matter™ is completely secure. Although the information is available via the internet, everything is encrypted with a Secure Certificate.

Substantial savings on costs can be made by eliminating an enormous amount of the time spent answering routine telephone enquiries relating to the progress of matters. It is economical to run and available on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis billed on the first working day of each month for all new matters uploaded during the past month. A single payment allows you to publish information about a matter which can then be accessed twenty four hours per day seven days a week for the duration of the property transaction.

You can add a brief note to appear along with the current stage in the workflow to provide specific information to further reduce telephone enquiries. More general notes appear at the bottom of the screen throughout the transaction.

Documents can be uploaded directly from CASA to be made available to specified parties to the transaction. This keeps the cost of postage to a minimum and overcomes the issue of large e-mail attachments exceeding inbox limits. A simple e-mail can inform your client that documents are available for them via Track-A-Matter™.

SMS text messages can be sent via Track-A-Matter™ to immediately inform them about key information on their matter. Pre-defined messages with information merged from the transaction can be automated to inform your clients that you have exchanged contracts and confirming when completion is scheduled. On the day of completion an automatic text message can be sent to let the client know that the keys are available for collection from the estate agent. Ad-hoc messages can be sent for example to ask your client to call you urgently if you are unable to reach them on the telephone. Your client may not be able to receive a call on their mobile, however, an informative message will alert them that you need to speak about their conveyancing transaction.

Track-A-Matter™ can advantage forward-looking Law Firms by:

Track-A-Matter™ is included within the monthly CASA subscription fee for all new clients. For clients on our older billing models it is charged at £6 per matter on the first working day for all new instructions uploaded during the previous month along with an accompanying spreadhseet so your accounts department are able to cross reference the bill with the client account.

SDLT e-Submission

Easy Convey’s Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) e-Submission tool is the easiest way to file SDLT returns with HM Revenue and Customs via CASA.

The SDLT eSubmission tool is integrated in CASA, our Electronic Conveyancing software.

SDLT submission times can be reduced to a couple of minutes because the majority of the information required for the return is pre-filled automatically upon opening the form from within a matter because it will have already been entered earlier in the transaction. Only the yes/no questions need to be manually answered to complete the return. Returns relating to leasehold property will take a little longer because you will need to enter more information.

Drop-down fields ensure only correct codes can be entered throughout the input form. Information is validated as part of the eSubmission process. Any fields with invalid information will be highlighted in red so you can correct them prior to resubmitting. Once all information has been entered correctly, every return will go through first time.

The firm will be invoiced on the first working day of the month £5 for each successful SDLT submission made during the preceding month with a spreadsheet being provided to enable your accounts department to cross reference the cost against the matter.

The FIRST recorded electronic SDLT submission from a third party software product was successfully filed via CASA less that two minutes after the Government Gateway opened in July 2005.

On-line L@wyer Instruction Service™

This service is provided for potential clients of your conveyancing services to obtain a fee estimate via the internet and then to instruct you on-line. Estimates can be set to automatically download into CASA. Instructions can also be forwarded from panels and intermediary services. This service is the most complete solution of its type because we have taken the trouble to link over 25,800 places in England and Wales to their local authority in order for the estimate to include the correct local search fees for property purchases. Completely configurable to reflect how your practice operates enabling you to specify which Land Registry office you deal with as well as search fees agreed with your chosen supplier.

The first On-Line L@wyer Instruction™ site is configured free of charge. Additional sites which may include co-branding with local estate agents, IFAs or mortgage brokers are charged at £235.00 each.

Enhanced Client ID Verification

Client ID checking is available from within CASA. The name and address details entered in the client database section are automatically merged to the Client ID form.

The Results are stored in the Client ID history in .PDF format which is available to print.

Compliant with the regulatory guidelines of the SRA and CLC for enhanced electronic ID verification.

Checks include…

Client ID verification is charged at £2.20 per client including validation for their current address with up to three previous addresses being charged at 20 pence each. An invoice is e-mailed on the first working day of each month for all Client ID checks performed in the previous month.

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.